Sunday, July 1, 2007

I LOVE summer!!

I can't believe we are already into July! WOW, this year has flown by. Our family has sure been taking advantage of the warm weather and really having a good time this summer. We bought a slip n slide and a little pool for the kids, and that keeps them pretty cool on the super hot days. Alyssa just loves the water and likes to get right in the action,she can hardly wait and always manages to get soaked before she is in her swimming suit! Austin likes the idea of water and we get him all ready and all sun blocked and then he hangs on the sidelines until he's comfortable enough to start playing around. He has been named our 'gardener' he loves to play with the hose and water the dry patches on the grass, and water our little veggies in our garden. But he had a GREAT time on the slip n slide. I always remember having a blast on ours. However ours was extra slippery. My mom and dad had a water bed that they were no longer using so they cut the water mattress and made us our very own, very huge, very slippery, slip n slide-it was Awesome! Austin has been very interested in cooking these days so Chad decided to let him help make our bagel pizzas, he was so proud and kept wanting to peek into the oven to see how they were doing, he was so proud, and I have to say they were extra tasty that night!! We had everyone over tonight to celebrate my brother Kevin's birthday, we decided we would set off our fireworks tonight since everyone was together. The kids went nuts! They all love the bright flashing lights. Alyssa thought she would try to squirm down to go grab it but we kept telling her "Hot! Hot!" so she began saying "Hot! Hot!" and clapping and saying "yaaaa!" after each firework she LOVED it!! She is beginning to be quite the talker, she has learned and can say what a cow, dog, snake, and kitty cat says---very cute if I do say so myself! Austin was really liking them too, he has been talking about fireworks for weeks. He didn't really care for the loud ones though. I cant wait to take them to see the big firework show, they will love it!! Have a very happy 4Th I can't wait to hear about your celebrations and see all of your pictures and I can't wait to share mine!


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