Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another GREAT weekend!!

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed that for some reason the time passes by so much faster on Sundays than any other day of the week? It is so not fair! If only the work days would go by as fast. I know the time doesnt actually go by faster but it sure does seem like it....
We went to this great new restaurant up in Fort Union next to Jamba Juice called Johnnie Beefs. If you like hotdogs this is the place to go!! It is very reasonably priced as well. We went with Mom and Rich and it was delicious. They have Chicago Dogs, Spicy Polish Dogs, even a Utah Dog, for those who want to play it safe (Kristen)..I highly reccomend it!
That night we went to The Spaghetti Factory and we were putting ourselves out there because we have had a horrible experience the last 2 times we have been there, and "coincidentally" enough with the same waitress both times. Luckily this time went smoothe we had a differeny waitor and we got a gallon of spumoni to go (yummy) and even ran into some old friends.( Hi Kristi and Jeremy)
We went ice blocking again, and we are really prefecting this "sport" Austin is a little nervous to try it, but Alyssa wants to go all by herself. Kristen did have a slight accident and fell pretty hard, it knocked the wind out of her and she hit her head pretty hard so if you go remember to be careful. Oh ya and the big news for our family happened Saturday night....Alyssa learned to go down the stairs..she didnt try it out like most babies on their stomache or bum, no she decided to WALK down them.(She is such a BIG Girk, atleast she thinks so) She made it successfully down 5 stairs holding on to the wall, I quickly taught her to go down backwards on her stomache and she is a pro now and can make it down our 13 stairs in no time flat....Hope you have all have a Great week!!
Love you all!!


Kitty said...

I completely agree with you about time flying on Sundays! It's crazy! The same thing happened to us yesterday. I was so excited to just relax after church and the next thing I knew, it was 11:30pm! What the heck? Then I procastinate going to bed until 12:30am, trying to delay the beginning of another week for just a few minutes longer. Oh well.

BIG Daddy and K-Dawg said...

See! I knew it wasnt just us!!