Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Love being a MOM

Sometimes after a long week of breaking up fights and calming down tantrums, and having to drown out the cries while you take a 10 second shower, and trying to ignore the wiggling fingers coming from under the bathroom door, I think "I just need a break." But today was one of those days that I was able to sit back and look in on a couple situations that made me say "I love being a Mom"
Austin was getting a little restless from having to be quiet and sit still "all day" at Church (which by the way, he made it another week without Chad in nursery with him) So Chad broke out his big boy bike that G & G Spencer got him for Christmas and started to teach him how to ride...he has tried a couple times and today it just clicked. They called me outside to watch and I was so thrilled!! I mean my heart was full. The smile on his face was from ear to ear he was so proud of himself that he finally got the hang of it. And of course I ran inside to get what else-the camera. It's amazing that something so simple can make me so happy. Chad was definitely a proud daddy, and that just made his Fathers Day. It's amazing to see the things that you teach your children put into action.

On Saturday we went over to my sister Jeana's house to "swim" she has a little pool nothing to fancy. Austin is our little "careful boy" and Alyssa is our "dare-devil" and wants to try everything. However on Saturday Austin got right in and started playing and Austin being the great big brother that he is, was re-assuring Alyssa that everything is OK that it's fun and that she is safe and that he wouldnt let anything happen to her. I almost cried right there.

Sometimes it seems they do everything they can to push your buttons, and say and do naughty things and I remember that they are only 21/2 and 1 and that if I think this is badI have another thing coming once they are Teenagers---yikes! Luckily we have these moments that make it all worth while and give you the feeling of "I love being a MOM!!"


Kitty said...

Okay, so you almost made me cry. My lip definitely quivered. :) I'm so happy that you enjoy being a mom, because you are a wonderful mother. I love hearing stories like that because I absolutely can't wait to become a mom. And I can't wait to watch my handsome husband become a daddy. (sigh)... Someday. :)