Thursday, August 23, 2007

I stand all amazed

Austin had his 3 year Doctor Appt today. Everything went great!! He got a shot in his arm which was a surprise! I thought this was just a check-up and I think he felt a little betrayed because he said "I don't want to get a shot." and I said, unknowingly of what was about to happen, "Don't worry, no shots today. This appointment is just a check-up." After the shot he waited for the nurse to leave the room and he looked up at me as his eyes welled up with tears and said. "I thought I wasn't getting a shot today?" After a big hug and kiss and a snoopy band-aid he got to pick out 2 stickers and a toy and that made everything all better! The Doctor came in and went over his measurements with me, and said I am standing here amazed right now. Looking at the beginning of Austin's chart you would think that this 2lb. 11.75oz, 15 1/2" little baby boy would have had a life ahead of him full of Dr. visits, therapists of every kind, glasses, and maybe even hearing aids. But here he is talking amazingly well for 3 years old, spouting out colors, shapes, letters and numbers. He is in the 95th percentile for his height and in the 80th percentile for his weight. His vision is perfect and hearing is top notch. He must have had a lot of prayers said for him, because this is definitely not the typical outcome of a baby born 10 weeks early, feel blessed because you definitely are!" I started thinking about the experience of his birth and how EVERYONE was there for us. So many of you fasted and prayed and I received an amazing, life changing priesthood blessing and I KNEW everything would be OK and I KNOW, we are so truly blessed, he is an amazing little boy with a very special mission here. And Thank You again for all of you who had us and especially him in your prayers, we have a very sweet, handsome, special little boy because of your faith.