Sunday, August 12, 2007

My week was a mad dash to the bathroom....

So, I was sick....AGAIN!! I had the flu, uh I think? If I still feel like this Monday morning I am taking the first appointment available kids in tow to the Dr. Office. I basically did nothing this whole week. I skipped the gym everyday but Monday (for those of you who dont know, I have been a very dedicated member of Golds Gym for an hour a day 5 days a week, it is my sanctuary) (I know, I know it doesnt show)So it has been killing me....
Chad had to leave work early on Thursday and take Alyssa to her 15 month Dr. Appt. She got her shots but did really well. I can't believe she is 15 wait, almost 16 months old already!!! Austin went with Chad so that I could rest a little in peace AND quiet, and Austin got to pick out a sticker for being such a good boy, he was very excited about that!
I started feeling a little better, so Saturday we attempted to go looking for camo gear for Chad. Chad is going on the bow hunt at the end of the month with his dad and brothers, down in Escalante. Austin really loved looking at all the stuffed animals, no not a cute little toy stuffed animal, but the HUGE actual poor innocent animal killed and stuffed as a trophy, I find it very sad...and they only reason I am ok with Chad going hunting is because I know he is not going to be able to kill a prancing dear with his bow and arrow----sorry Chad :)
Tonight we went over to G&G Green's house for Casey's birthday dinner. Milo (Casey and D's black cocker-spaniel) came and Austin and Alyssa love to play with him. Austin had a lot of fun playing with Jaydyn and Alayna, and Alyssa was being a little fussy...she has a lot working against her though she has 2 molars coming in, she just had her shots, she had a short nap AND she doesnt feel well. So her crankiness is to be expected!
Casey and D came over afterward to drop off a bookshelf and to pick up more of Austin and Alyssa's baby stuff (tear and sniffle) We wont have any more babies at our house....well, we better not....I am so happy for them, they find out what they are having in about 4 weeks---Hooray!! I cant wait!
Here are some pictures of the only productive thing I did all week...Cute little Alyssa playing on her new(G&G Spencer's old but our new) rocking horse, she gets on him and gives him hundreds of tiny baby kisses complete with sound effects...too cute for words, it needed a picture!