Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rain out!!

We are a little bummed this weekend. We had planned a camping trip with Chads brothers and their families up at Lake Alexander (above Mirror Lake) and because ofthe weather we decided not to go. Instead we all got together at Nick and Kim's house and had dinner and played games, it was fun, but, I still wish we decided to risk the weather and gone camping. I tried to talk Chad into setting up the tent in the backyard and making tinfoil dinners and burrying it in our backyard, and making s'mores over the grill but it was a no go :(
Happy news though! Casey and D went to the fetal studio and the sonographer said it was a girl!! then quickly said, or maybe a boy. So they are going to go in next Friday to hopefully find out for sure...D said that I could go with. I am really tempted but I dont want to step on any toes...but I am soooooo excited!!!!

Here are some pictures from our night at Nick and Kim's house...Chad and Casey decided to have a chug contest with soda and it didnt quite work, but we had some laughs. The kids relaxing in the hammock, and D playing "house" with kids (too cute!).