Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Spencer Sickness update...

Last night we had another trip to the instacare. Turns out Alyssa has a double ear infection so she started her antibiotics today!! Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon! We need to, we have a new little nephew coming soon. (2 days) Casey and D will go into the hospital tomorrow to be induced. She will be 41 weeks and is so ready for this baby to be born. So we are hoping for a baby on Wednesday. I cant wait to meet this little man, And hopefully a name will come to them when they see his cute little face!
I started the week off great with a trip to the endodontist for a root canal....ouch! And let me tell you that is quite the experience when you have a head cold. I am feeling OK right now thanks to my little friend Lor Tab :)