Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why can't we get better?!?!?

I feel like at least one person in our family has been sick since October. We can't get better...I had a sinus infection in January along with a cold/fever... well, I havent ever gotten 100% better, last week I felt like I had strep throat so another trip to the Doctor and I am on my second round of antibiotics....I am miserable. Alyssa had an eye infection and ear infection and after antibiotics she was better but now she has a cough...I guess tonight I will find out if it is croup. Austin woke up last night barely able to breathe, he was coughing and gasping for air. So I wrapped him in his blanket and took him outside to open his air way with the cold air (Austin has had croup several times and I learned this trick when he was only months old), and it helped...this morning I took him to the Doctor to find out what I already knew...he had croup! So they gave him a dose of steroids to relax his air way and open it up. So we will see how it goes, he just crashed about an hour not like him! I have even gone to the extreme of washing all of our walls and floors with an anti-bacterial cleanser and washed all the bedding and drapes and blinds. Changed the filter in the furnace and bought plastic cups and threw them away after each use. And that was BEFORE Austin and Alyssa came down with this cough. No pictures with this post...we all look AWFUL!!


The Family said...

That sucks, Kristen! I'm so sorry you guys have been sick. Harry has had a cough for about 3 weeks now and Aidan just woke up crying telling me it hurt but I have no idea what yet. Great. I'm on antibiotics too so I was thinking that maybe we could start a support group! lol