Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

Chad is turning 28 tomorrow! So this weekend I decided to set up a little birthday surprise. I made him some very yummy breakfast. Smith's bakery makes this cinnamon bread that is perfect for french turned out perfectly! Then I told him I had an "activity" planned. For some reason he had it in his head that we were going to a play. I wasn't about to spoil my surprise because he is impossible to surprise!!
(1st ruined surprise) I tried surprising him with a surprise vacation to Las Vegas for his 23rd birthday and we were seconds away from pulling out of the driveway when he decides to go in and freshen up his deoderant...but it wasnt there I already packed it!!
(2nd ruined surprise) I "stole" his wedding ring to get it engraved for our 5 year anniversary. And he never goes a moment without wearing it so that was hard enough getting it away from him. Then I was forced to lie as he was grilling me about it. Then on our way to dinner when I was going to surprise him with his newly engraved ring, I ran in to my sisters house to drop off the kids, and he found the receipt in the car (that was very well hidden)!!!
(3rd ruined surprise) this one is kind of my fault. I set up a 1/2 year anniversary weekend getaway to what I thought was Midway, Utah....but it turned out to be Midvalley, Utah ....for those of you that dont live in Utah...Miday way is beautiful mountain scenery, an escape from everything. Midvalley is accross the street from Spaghetti Factory in the heart of Taylorsville, Utah. We got to the hotel and I was soooo embarassed....we ended up just going home...I have never been able to live this one down. I could go on and on and on....
Ah! but this year, I was bound not to fail. I went to the extreme to keep this a secret and told no one. I surprised him with a very relaxing couples massage. It was very much needed and very much deserved. It was a gift for him but a bonus for me because I enjoyed it too! Afterwards we went to lunch, at good ol' Carls Jr.
That night we met up with his family for dinner at the Olive Garden (Chads Fav.) After dinner we played games at his moms was a great day!
Chad was also able to go to Cabella's to look for his birthday present from the kids, and the kids got to enjoy all the animals and the yummy cinnamon roasted almonds. Then we had a little "party" with my family tonight where we made a cake and sang happy birthday to him and my brothers girlfriend Jen. It was a very busy very fun weekend.