Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

This is the beautiful necklace Chad got for's our cute little family...

So ever since Chad and I had kids, our Valentines Day celebrations have never fallen in the category of romantic. For one reason or another we are at the Doctors office, with the kids. So this year we decided to change it up a bit...we all went to the DENTIST!!! It was Austin and Alyssa's first time....they did AWESOME! Austin was so relaxed just watching cartoons on the ceiling, that after they were all done with his cleaning he fell asleep!
Alyssa opened her mouth big and wide and let them look around, she even surprised the Dentist at how cooperative she was.
After we were all done they let them pick a prize! I am glad this was such a positive experience for them. Now they wont be afraid when we go back in 6 months...(keeping my fingers crossed)

This is my nephews Valentine Box that I made for him...I thought it was cool:


Miranda Hollomon said...

I just took Aidan to the dentist. I wish he was that cooperative. He clenched his jaw. He was so scared! poor little fella.