Thursday, September 11, 2008


Carmen and Miranda tagged me...lets see if I can even think of 6 quirks that I have..hehehe!!
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1. Quirk/Lazy? I love, love, love to do laundry. I hate hate hate to put it away!
2. I HATE knowing there is a secret being kept from me. If someone says I know what Chad is getting you for your birthday but I can't tell you...It nearly kills me!!! I'm not kidding. Even when I am at some public place and a stranger who is pregnant says they aren't finding out what they are having, it drives me crazy!! I want to take them down to fetal photos to find out. It's even worse when they are my close friends or family. FIND OUT PEOPLE!!!!! Your going to know one way or the other...might as well be prepared...for my sake!!!!
3. I am horrible at math, and my little "quirk" is that I still count using my fingers, toes whatever it takes. Whats worse, is I can't do percents at all (except 10%) so when I am at a store and it says 75% off when it rings up, I just have to trust that it's the right amount.
4. My shoes come off the instant I step through my front door, I know this isn't good but I am always barefoot. I have even gone to get the mail stepping in snow....I know, I know, Im just a tad bit insane!!!
5. I have claustrophobia issues. I always have to have a either my foot or my leg hanging outside of the sheets. I go nuts camping because the sleeping bag is just so confining and it is too cold to unzip it!
6. I take my camera everywhere and take pictures of everything. Chad teases that I should have it surgically attached to my body. He does however love all the pictures we have and all the memories we will be able to remember because of them though:)

And I tag....
1. D
2. Nora
3. Ashley
4. Margo
5. Amanda
6. Keri


Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is challenged in the Math department. Sometimes, I don't even know how I get bye...Don't ask me what 7 x 7 equals!

Lynch's said...

No wonder we are friends! Everything you said, dito for me, except the laundry thing. I hate doing laundry. Every single part of it. But I think you forgot to add one thing. What about when you walk, sometimes you have to direct your feet with your hands...hehehe! Remember that! I sure as heck do!