Sunday, September 7, 2008

Male Bonding

Chad, Darrel, Nick and Casey (A.K.A His 2 brothers and his dad) All went on the Southern Utah bow hunt the last week of August. They talk about it all year, buy all their "necessary" gear and plan a menu and write a shopping list. They bring their questionable music and drink soda and eat junk and hang out all day. They go hunting for deer with their bow and arrows...they are so manly. 

"Sadly" (I say it in quotations because, I don't think it's sad, I am oh so very glad) they didn't get anything, but they had some great male bonding, away from "the wife, and kids" now boys can we go at least a  few months without talk of "the hunt" ?  


The Morgan Family said...

I count myself lucky that I have a Dad and husband that are not interested at all in hunting. Bill and I like to go shooting, but just at cans and targets that don't move.