Monday, September 22, 2008

HaPpY FaLl Y'aLl

Today is the first day of Autumn/Fall here are some of the things our family is excited about!!!

1. Apple Fondue- We make our own caramel dip and cut up some fresh apples, then we all sit around the pan usually on the floor watching a movie together eating our very yummy fondue.

2. Changing leaves. I love all the colors of the fall!! I don't like the raking part, but we will rake all the leaves into a pile and play in them. It's a lot of fun now that our kids can now join us. We don't seem to have as many neighbors stopping to stare as when it was just Chad and I.

3. Saving Money so we can Spend Money. It's not hot enough for the A/C and not cold enough for the Heater, so we have a good solid month of savings, just in time for Christmas shopping.

4. Family!!! I love the fact that this time of year brings extended families closer. We are all about our families so I love how many opportunities the fall brings to get everyone together.

5. Halloween. I already have 5-6 pumpkins and I bought some more Halloween decor in August. I love it!! I love seeing all the kids in their costumes, and now that both of my kids get the idea of trick or treating now it is so much fun to see their faces at each door as the candy gets dropped it's a surprise every time. It has taken all of my strength not to decorate...but's all coming out!!!

6. Thanksgiving. I love getting together with our families and hear about what everyone is thankful for. We try to be thankful for what we have everyday, but taking the day once a year to share all of that with our families, very humbling. I also love Luan's rolls that she makes!!!

7. Craft time!!! I don't know why but I LOVE to do crafts in the fall...maybe because the heat was blocking all of my creative juices and they are ready to burst out!

8. I am so excited to take family pictures in the beautiful fall scenery this year. I have always wanted some outdoor pictures of our family taken in the canyon with all the colorful leaves in the trees and on the ground, but it was always so expensive. This year thanks to my new tripod and remote we can have them!!! Here comes my plug...And of you can have them too!! Just call and schedule, my prices are phenomenally low!

9. The smells!! I love the Harvest spice and the pumpkin pie smells of fall. They are so cozy and inviting to me.

10. New wardrobe. I am about sick of all my summer clothes by now and because of the change of weather, we have to pull out our winter clothes and it feels like we all have a new wardrobe. I can't wait!!!

What do y'all love about fall?!?!?


rubberbandgirl said...

The outside smells: crisp air, moisture in the air, the thick blankets of fall leaves...
I love the photos and lighting in this time of year.
The FOOD! Bring on the pumkin-EVERYTHING! Dane loves chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies and pies.

Angie Maynes said...

I get crafty in the fall, too. I love the colors, the freshness of the air, family time, sweaters, pumpkins, wassil, hot chocolate, pie, our big maple leaves-perfect for huge jumping piles, Thanksgiving and of course-the day after Thanksgiving$$$!

Viki said...

Fall? What's that? Here we observed the first day of fall with a temp of 93 and low of 70. Our leaves don't turn "color" until late November and then all we get is yucky yellow and brown. We "hope" for our first frost on Halloween but it usually doesn't show up until late November, mainly because the humidity level is so low it has to be >20 degrees for windows to frost up. After 28 years in Arizona, this Utah girl misses the true changes of the seasons most (next to being close to family).

Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

Hey Beautiful!
Do you mind sharing some of your craft ideas...maybe even doing a post?
I'm pretty Craft-Retarded!


Kitty said...

Ooh... I love it all! I love the beautiful colors and smells. I also love... DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! One more hour of sleep! Hooray!