Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a very good Christmas. My sister has chosen a different path in her life right now, so we were very blessed to have her 5 kids at our house on Christmas eve AND Christmas Morning. Very different but we wouldn't change a thing except having her with us too. On Thanksgiving we wrote our letters to Santa and made sure to tell him they would be at our house and he found them!! Our living room was FULL!!! I didn't take many pictures because I wanted to be in the moment with my family, but here are a few memories from Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning...
We have our family come to our house. We have dinner and treats and let the kids open their presents to each other. The adults play this awesome present game. We wrap the present to where it is near impossible to open using things like, packing tape, duct tape, foil, seran wrap, lotion and vaseline make it even more difficult, but whoever unwraps the present and grabs whats inside gets the prize!!! It's hilarious!!!

Chads dad was visiting from Escalante and he came by Christmas Morning and gave us and the kids our gifts, Alyssa got a cute purse from Mexico and Austin got an awesome learning laptop! We gave them our gift from all the kids which was a framed 16x20 picture of the whole family. Casey, D and Preston stopped by to visit with them and were only there about 30 min. and when it was time to leave they were stuck!!! It had snowed so much in that little of time they had to be shoveled out!!! People were snowmobiling down the street!!!

After Presents at our house. We went to Chad's mom's where there was a whole more presents to open!!! Austin got some Awesome Star Wars guys and ship and much more and Alyssa got a beautiful doll, that I am a little jealous of! Chad got a watch and I bet you can't guess what else---more sunglasses!!!! (just giving you a hard time, love you)

Christmas night we went to Dusten and Asenath's house and had a very yummy dinner and played games and we were able to just visit and enjoy eachothers company while the kids played.
I am sure this is a first  ;-)

We had a wonderful Christmas. I can't believe it has already come and gone!!! We hope you all were able to enjoy your holidays with the ones you love most!