Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

"Not Me!" Monday
I got this idea from Amanda and thought it sounded fun. So this Monday I am joining in...(I still have 9 minutes, to have it still count for Monday)
(oh and I just copied and pasted this part from your blog too :))

For those of you that are totally confused:

"Not Me!" Monday was born out of a desire to admit some of our imperfections and reveal a few moments we'd rather forget.


Well, for one, because it's just plain fun to pretend that we really did not do the things that we actually so did do. And, two, because reading through great tales of other people's Not Me! Mondays each week is a great way to level the playing field. We're all human, we all take embarrassing shortcuts, and so we may as well show each other that we're all in good company!

Here it goes: My First "Not Me!" Monday...

I did not stay in and am still not sitting in the same "comfy" clothes ALL DAY! (yes this includes the store too)

I did not make a grocery list including what was for dinner tonight and then go shopping and then stop at Chilis for dinner anyway.

I did not say I was going to be "good" today and then split the Chocolate Molten Cake with my kids for dessert.

I did not forget my husbands face wash at the store for the last month.

I did not watch Good Things Utah instead of putting away laundry.

I did not say I was going to workout today and then go out to eat instead.

I did not stay up late tonight updating my blog and reading friends blogs and even random strangers blogs, thats just weird.

I did not read The Cat in the Hat 5 times in a row today.

I did not do 6 load of laundry today and put it ALL away before bed time. (a first in a long time)

I did not enter in all 227 entries for my Free Photo Shoot Giveaway today.

I did not have any trouble reading the writing on ay of the entry forms.

I did not and do not feel embarassed about anything on this list...


Amanda X said...

Love it!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves lounging around in sweats all day!

Welcome to the "Not Me!" Mondays~!