Sunday, January 18, 2009

In memory of Matthew David Buhler a great friend, a loving brother and son

In memory of the man who has touched many of our hearts many different ways this is a tribute to his loving soul may his memory live on forever in our hearts. He passed away unexpectedly on January 16, 2009. We love you Matthew.
After celebrating so many births this last month alone. (Our Savior, Kim, Mark, Jack, Abby, Darrel) I have to say it was a complete shock to get the phone call Saturday morning that our 18 year old cousin, passed away. His life was cut very short. We are all searching for the answers that can't be found. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with their family that they will find strength and comfort to get through such a tragic time in their lives. I am so thankful for the knowledge that this is not the end. That we will live beyond this mortal life, and be reunited with our loved ones once more. I hope that bit of truth will lessen their aching hearts even a little during this time. 

Here is a poem our Cousin, Margo, wrote just after hearing the news of Matthews passing...


How fragile life is.

How it is taken with one last breath, one last beat of the heart, one last thought in the head.


One Savior who has redeemed us from the unrelenting chains of death.

One resurrection on one glorious morning.

One lamb that is lost and one shepherd who will diligently search to rescue it.

One seems like a small number, but the power it has to change the world is beyond remarkable and incredible.

death of a loved one can change the lives of many, for the good or the bad.

From one, it grows to affect thousands, millions, and generations upon generations of people.

You are not just one, just like the Savior was not just one.

You are: Only Needed Everywhere.

The power of one, now you can see, has more power than any earthly mind can imagine.

One by one we come to Him and one by one we help others come to reunite with their Heavenly Father.

And some, one by one, fall like flies, not knowing what hit them for they were blinded by all the distractions on the wide and deceitful path they chose, one choice at a time.

Life is fragile, treat each day as a gift, that is why it is called the present.

Don't postpone changes you can make now for later.

Again, life is fragile and it is by one thing that can make this day your last.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

What a beautiful tribute. I came across your blog from a google search- I will miss Matthew, even though I didn't know him well. (I am a colleague of Dave's.)

Carlye Momma said...

wow! I'm sorry for your loss! Death is never easy...but like you is wonderful to know it is not the end. Please know you and your family are in our prayers.

Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

Sorry for your loss! you will be in thoughts and prayers!

Meg said...

I found your blog when I googled Matt's name. I'm his cousin too (from Dave's side). I wish this made more sense. They are such a great family. It is good to know that our Heavenly Father is our judge, and loves us perfectly. That poem was beautiful, thanks for sharing that.

Meg (