Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!!!

Chad is celebrating his 29th birthday today!!! His celebration started on Saturday when I actually surprised him with a murder mystery dinner party!!! I can NEVER surprise him with ANYTHING. for example. Tonight it's late, Chad is usually in bed for the night, so I put Happy Birthday vinyl clings on our bathroom mirror, he just so happens to get up and see it, and for our 5 year anniversary I went through this big charade of taking Chad's wedding ring that he never goes without and getting it engraved, he was so frantic looking all over for it, but I stuck to my guns, and pretended to know nothing. Well, when dropping our kids off, on our way to go out to dinner, where I was to give him his newly engraved ring, I ran in my sisters house, he got ansie went through the glove compartment and found the receipt!!!! But this Saturday, I got him...FINALLY!!! I arranged with my sister in law, Kim to have it at her house. I pretended we were just going over to a friends house for dinner and games, and then at the last minute his Grandma came into town and wanted everyone over for a quick visit at Kim's house, I told him we should stop by for a minute then we would go to our friends, when we got there, we walked in they were so great they had the lights off, then they jumped out flipped on the lights and yelled SURPRISE!!! I went to the extreme, I dropped off food, to my other sister in law for her to take up, made food during the day while he was at work, oh it was brilliant!!! (I'll post pictures from the party, that's a whole other post) Then tonight we went to Olive Garden for his birthday dinner with his mom, Rich and Lindsay was there too!!! She's great, even though my kiddos, especially very under the weather Alyssa was shooting her quite the scowl. He got a few birthday cards in the mail...he has already had quite the celebration!!! Well, Chad doesn't like birthday cake, so I have something planned, that might make him a little surprised, I will post that tomorrow, just in case he happens to read this today.... Happy Birthday Chad, you are an AMAZING husband a WONDERFUL father...we are so HAPPY  you are OURS!!!! Enjoy the last year of your 20's (insert evil laugh here)...