Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mommy's "Specials"

Alyssa is starting to feel better. I really knew she was sick, when she didn't want to have any of Mommy's "Specials" that is what I call my Dove chocolates with carmel...yummy! I will share with the kids, but they know the right way to eat them, it is so cute...I choose someone to pass them out, and they all light up when they get a shiny gold wrapped chocolate in their hands. They carefully unwrap it, bring the wrapper to me to read, the "Dove Promise", everyone gathers around to hear everyones promise, and then they place it carefully in their mouth. I have told them they can't just quickly chew it up they need to let it melt in their mouth for as long as possible, and they ALL do it!!! Even the little 2 year old is so cute!!! So on Valentines Day my nephews who are usually at school when we have our "specials" got to have a chocolate too, the best was when the little kids were telling them the special way to eat these Special Chocolates...and they listened.


Casey and Diana said...

oh I'm so glad she's feeling better. I haven't seen her in forever it seems like. That's so cute about the dove chocolates.