Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

We celebrated Valentines Day on Thursday 02/12. Austin and his cousin Abby both had parties at their pre schools that day, and I didn't want to leave the little girls out, so we made a whole day. We were feeling the love, love was all around us, hugs and kisses were aplenty, luckily in our house that is an everyday occurance!!

We started the day with heart shaped pancakes (or at least, my attempt at heart shaped) then everyone got dressed in their lovey dovey garb, and everyone looked fabulous!!! Then while Austin and Abby were at school (I was supposed to go and help, but all the moms that were needed were there, which was good, because I would have just added to the chaos with my 2 others) me and the baby girls, made some valentine goody bags, and love notes. They had a lot of fun!!! 

Chad and I are starting a "new thing" this year. We are going to pick two random days out of the year to surprise each other with some special way to say I LOVE YOU, rather than Valentines Day. That way we are totally not expecting anything, and we won't ever be disappointed by anything we did or did not do or get...(hasn't happened yet, but this way sounds a lot more fun to me) And this way on Valentines Day itself we are going to bake some Valentine Cookies and write some more "love notes" and deliver them to, in the words of Austin, "strangers" and surprise them, with some goodies!!! Austin had so much fun with me this last Halloween and Christmas leaving "surprises" on peoples doorsteps and running, that pretty soon, he will forget that you don't ALWAYS have to run away after knocking at someones door. 
We wish you all a very Happy LOVE-FILLED Day with your precious loved ones!!! Lets all be reminded how blessed we are to have them in our lives. And as my Aunt Lori said, after just losing her son,  said to me, referring to my children,  " hold them and hug them a lot and as often as possible, because you never know when it will be the last time."