Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A little help please!!

(I wish this pictures was taken, by me. I would love to be next to the ocean, right now, this picture was found on google)

I have a client who is wanting some fun creative family pictures. They are all going to be wearing lt. blue Utah Jazz jerseys...I thought it would be fun to have them taken high on some bleachers so we could get the Basketball hoop and score board in the background. Unfortunately Basketball season is in full swing and schools aren't willing to let me take any time away to get my shot....SO do any of you have any ideas or know anyone or have a basketball court in mind that I can try...The photo shoot is tomorrow, so any help would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you!!!  


Sugar Mama said...

Have you called the Jazz training venue?? My husband's office is down the street from it. Call and see if they will let you do the photo shoot inside the training facility.

Anonymous said...

I know this seems weird but some newer stake centers have hoops and score boards, no bleachers but hoops and scores! :) hope that helps, I will post again if i think of anything else...wait what about gyms/rec centers? Ideas.
Lindsay G

Carlye Momma said...

You could go to the energy solutions arena...or you could just do it at a park basketball court...I know there's one out here.

Chad and Kristen said...

Thank you guys for all of your help and suggestions!!! We were going to try a park, but the hoop would never be placed exactly right in the picture...the hoop way up there the people way down here (even though they are a tall family) We decided to head over to Riverton High School and and used the bleachers for the background...turned out super cute!!! Thank you!!!