Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Weekend :)

Chad and his dad and brother are hunting this weekend. I was bummed it was over my birthday, so I decided I would do something fun! So I decided me and the kids would go to relaxing lava hot springs, my mom thought it sounded like a good idea so I asked her to come along! Then my brother Matt, and my nieces Ashley and Grace decided to come along too!!! :) Funny thing though the motel didn't have any more rooms with more than 1 bed! So here we all are in a King Bed jacuzzi suite, hahahaha! I walked into the room and the jacuzzi is in the room, so I can't even enjoy soaking in it, unless I want to scar my family for life!!!

Day 1:
We got into town at about 6pm, checked in, and went and had a yummy dinner at Fat Jacks, it was so good, either because I was really hungry or because I am on vacation, either way very good! Then we went and walked up to the sunken gardens, which was really fun for the kids to explore, and it is so pretty! Last time I was here was 11 years ago, in March when it was all snowy and grey, so seeing all the greenery and flowers was fun! Then we took the kids to play at the park and they had a blast, they have one of those merry-go-rounds that all parks used to have...those are the best! Then we came back to our room, I am laughing at the comedy that is my life all 7 of us in a 1 king size bed room!!! We gave the 3 little kids a bath in the jacuzzi tub, they had a blast! Ashley is now taking a "bath" in the jacuzzi with her swimsuit on, and the kids are all on the floor watching Harry Potter...oh my life. Crazy, but it's the best!
Here's some pics from the lap top of our room:


Saje said...

Whose in the bathtub???? LOL

Chad and Kristen said...

don't you love it!!! it's my niece!!! She is hilarious!!!