Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The O.G.

Austin's 1st day of First Grade was a SUCCESS!!!
We celebrated by going out to dinner at the Olive Garden (or the O.G. as Chad calls it, he is big on initials) at the request of Austin. He has been begging to go to the olive garden so several weeks now, so we finally caved! I think he found his new favorite soup..MINESTRONE! mine too!!
Alyssa was so tired from trying to get used to the new early morning routine, she was in a little trance at dinner, I thought she would conk right out when we got home, but she caught a second wind, and was jumping on the trampoline and giggling right along side Austin.

The best part of an early morning not fighting you when you say "BED TIME!" they gladly brushed their teeth, said their prayers and climbed into bed! (sigh) Now time for me to crawl into bed!