Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Tomorrow well technically today is the kids last day of Swimming Lessons...they have taken 3 sessions this summer, and they are quite the little swimmers now!!! They have always loved the water but now their confidence and ability has gone through the roof!!! They love to swim, and I love to watch them learn and grow!!! My favorite thing is when they learn something new or finally get the hang of something they look over at me with a big grin to make sure I was watching...SO CUTE!!!! The teachers are so cute with the kids and have taught me some fun games to play with the kids in the water ("What time is is Mr. Shark, Fishy in a basket, Treasure Hunt)
I like how they had fun cute names for everything like monster arms, catch a falling star, starfish floats, monkey-airplane-soldier, it helps the kids remember the different moves and motions with their legs and arms!! They have been GREAT!!!

And although they don't always do it at home, it makes me very proud to see how well Austin and Alyssa both listen to their teachers...other kids will be swimming and doing their own thing and my kids are little angels sitting on the steps waiting for the teachers instructions...they save their devious behavior for mom and dad...Lucky us!

1st session

2nd Session

Tomorrow is their celebration day where they get to just jump off the diving board over and over again....they love it!!! (these pics were taken at the end of their last session)


Loftus' said...

Fun updates! Glad swimming lessons went well, I need to get Ashlin more comfortable, she hates to be in the pool unless someone is close by. 6!! I can't believe it, is seems like the other day I was reading that Austin turned 5, time flies by way too fast.
Your kids are so dang cute - good thing they have a great momma to take wonderful pics of them!
Thanks for everything!!