Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is the day that Austin started first grade!!! Last night, Austin told me that he was a little nervous but I explained to him that most everyone is nervous, but it would be fun and after the first day he wouldn't be nervous anymore. So he took a nice relaxing bubble bath and then Chad gave him a blessing. In his blessing Chad blessed him to have confidence and my shy, timid little guy walked into his classroom more confident than I have ever seen him! He saw friends from his kindergarten class so he was very excited!!!

I wanted to be there with him and not leave, because it is hard knowing, that he is now going to be with his teachers and friends more than he is with me, I wish I could be there to protect him from anything that comes his way, but all we can do is prepare our children so they can handle the obstacles when they come their way. I'm excited that he is growing and learning, but there is a part of me that wants to keep him my little boy forever!

Today will be the first time he is having school lunch, he was pretty excited about that! They also get Pizza Hut Pizza every Thursday so he was really excited about that. He was also really excited that he will now have 3 recesses!!! I just hope he does well with the WHOLE DAY of school... we'll see! These first 3 days this week are short days, so the full day of school doesn't start until Monday.

Last year Austin and his cousin and best friend Abby was in his Kindergarten class. This year they are in different classes. They were both a little bummed and I am sure out of their comfort zone a little but they were excited that they would be able to see each other at recess :) I'm glad that they have each other!!!

Alyssa starts preschool on Monday, so I get to do this "letting go" thing all over again, next week!! OY VAY!!!


Austin's first day of school went great!!! We had a few issues with the pick up procedures, apparently they don't tell you what to do you just figure it out. So there were a few tears, but we got it all figured it out now, and tomorrow should go much, much, smoother!