Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve

My side of the family does a big celebration on Christmas Eve every year. Which seems to work out just perfectly because Chad's side of the family does their celebration on Christmas Day. We had everyone over at our house and we had a nice dinner and then we played a few games. One game that we played with just the adults was where we wrapped one present but inside was 2 prizes and who ever unwrapped the present first got the prize. You might think that would be easy but there were several layers wrapped in different boxes and we used foil, seran wrap, packing tape, scotch tape, wrapping paper, and three diffent sized boxes. It was sooo much fun, watching everyone just get in to it....complete with grunting!! The kids drew names and had fun watching their person open their present and then seeing what they got! Austin and Alyssa got to open 3 presents on Christmas Eve from Chad and I. They got pajamas, slippers and they each got an ornament that they were able to hang. We set out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots and celery for rudolph and the reindeer. The kids were so excited I was surprised they were able to fall asleep!