Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Christmas came!!! This was probably the best one yet for me and Chad both as parents. It is soooo much fun watching your kids getting all excited opening their presents and seeing the magic in their eyes. They made me feel that way all over again. On Christmas morning we woke up the kids(in a few years they will be waking us) and as they were walking out to the living room they were giggling and smiling and when they saw that out stockings were full and Santa had eaten the cookies, Austin said "let's go open presents!" They immediately tore into them. Alyssa loved the opening and didnt really pay to much attention on what was inside the present....it was so cute!!! Austin got his Spiderman Lamp (look at the video below) and Alyssa got her baby doll and stroller and they both got completely spoiled! In the past we would open presents at our house and then go to Chads dads house for breakfast, but now he is down in Escalante. It was sad and we missed that part. We went over to Chad's moms house for lunch and opened presents. Chad's Uncle Martin was going to come but he was admittedback into the hospital after having his quadruple bipass surgery (doing well now and is back at home) so we missed them. But we still had a good time with Chads brothers and their families and with his mom and Rich. I made Chads mom and apron that had all the grandkids handprints and little seths footprints and left a little space for when Casey and D's baby comes. We got awesome backpacks and accessories to start our emergency kits. I feel a little more prepared if something happens now. After visiting with family we went home and the kids played with toys and we just relaxed it was the BEST!! The Best part of it all has been having Chad home with us, I am sad he is going back to work tomorrow! We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!