Monday, January 7, 2008

Jesus wants Austin for a sunbeam!

Yesterday Austin went to his little church class. Yes he is now out of nursery and in sunbeams(for children ages 3-4) He did so well. I thought he was going to miss all the toys and the playing that he did in nursery, but his teacher said he did really well and was participating and everything. I sit right behind him in Sharing Time and he didn't even reach for me as I walked by or ask to sit with me. I was so proud....a little sad....but so proud!!! After class and a short stay in sharing time we went to Nick and Kim's ward to see baby Seth's blessing. He is getting so big! I cant believe he will be 2 months old this month!! Time sure does fly. After the blessing we went back to Nick and Kim's house for lunch and to visit with family. Darrel (Chad's dad), was up from Escalante, so it was nice to see him. On our way home we stopped by Casey and D's house to see all the work they had done on their babies is so dang cute!!! They are still struggling for a boy name,and their baby is due next month!! So if you have any ideas please let me know.