Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I thought I was being nice and was letting the kids color with markers these cool pictures outlined in black velvet that they got for Christmas. My father in Law, Rich, called and I had my back turned writing down a recipe. No my back wasn't even turned I was just facing sideways....anyway, Austin, Alyssa and their cousin Abby decided to make themselves into art pieces. After I got off the phone, I saw what they had done and rushed Austin and Abby into the bathroom and scrubbed them clean. Then I realized I better get a picture of Alyssa to show Chad when he got home, and then thought I would post it on our blog to show all of my many many many friends who are expecting their first babies whats in store for you....enjoy!

P.S. Thank heavens for washable markers!!


Kitty said...

So, I'm sure I only think this is hilarious because I am still 2 months away from being a parent, but it was hilarious! At least they had a good time. :)