Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camping Fun!!!

We went camping over the weekend up American Fork Canyon. It was the first time that we have gone with the kids. And it had been 5 years since Chad and I had gone. We were a little nervous of bears because of the recent attacks in that very same canyon, but we braved it anyway. I am glad we did, we had a good time. In fact, the kids didn't want to come home! We were camping right by this river so we would walk down and let the kids throw rocks and sticks in. They loved it!! At night we saw deer walking right through our camp. It freaked us out at first because we saw their green glowing eyes and thought it was a mountain lion or bear. The kids loved it though, we didn't let them know we (OK, I) was scared. Unfortunately while Chad was out gathering wood and chopping it all up, he got really sunburned and the kids did too, I only got a little on my face and Ashley not really at all. Austin loved helping daddy with the wood chopping and helping with the fire. This weekend I couldn't believe how alike Chad he is. Chad even made him his own wood pile and would let him throw some wood on the fire, he was so proud, and thought he was as big as can be. Alyssa loved the freedom of the outdoors and loved exploring. She almost felt a little too free, and kept taking off her clothes, so silly! She got a little too brave by the river so Chad, Ashley and I never took our eyes off of her. She is fearless! We cut our camping trip short, and left home just as it was getting dark, because of all the uncomfortable sunburns. But what did we do with all the wood we stocked up on? Why we burned it, we burned it all!!! I am so glad that we have our SUV so we are able to go and do these things, we already have another camping trip planned in 2 weeks!!


Alecia said...

That looks like so much fun!!! we will have to plan a camping trip together!!

Viki said...

Hey! What's that stuff flowing in the creek? That can't be water, can it? Water in any river, creek, or stream here is a rarity except during the summer "monsoon" season when flash-floods fill them and then it usually only lasts a few weeks or months at the most. You have to go pretty high in the far-off mountains to see any semblance of water. Oh the remembering of childhood summer days eating supper in the canyons to get out of the SL valley heat and our feet turning purple from wading in the cold streams.

Ashley said...

ooh oooh ohh. muahahahahaha. the joy of building that figh, ooh the joy, muahahaha.

meep meep meep, thump, meep, thump, what could
that be?

that would the (evil laughs in background) "the play with figh monsta"

oh the joy.


Angie Maynes said...

How fun! I love caming and AF canyon is so pretty. Hope all the sunburns are getting better. Did you know you can buy a spray-on aloe that comes out as a fine mist. Speaking from one who sunburns easily, this is heaven sent.:)