Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I took Alyssa with me on a quick grocery run last night. As we were walking through the produce department, there was a strong smell of the fresh peaches. Alyssa took a deep breath and said "whats that?" I said "those are peaches" I picked one up and let her smell it. She looked up at me and said "peeez!" Needless to say I bought it for her, she held it so tight in the little produce sack, and when we got home she showed daddy "wook a cheap!" she kept taking bites saying "mmmm cheap, cheap yummy!" I thought it was so cute!!! Cheaps and cream, anybody?


Ashley said...

gotta love them cheaps!!!

Nora said...

Hey Chad and Kristen! I finally jumped on the bloggy bandwagon. I also changed my e-mail. They are morganmayhem@gmail.com and guyanddolls.blogspot.com. I need to really start getting involved in extended family happenings. So...Hope to hear from you soon.

Nora said...
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