Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Gold Medal Winner...

is Austin!!

Austin had his gymnastic performance tonight, with his cousin Abby. He was so excited and was talking about it all day. We went out to eat with Chad's mom, Rich, Casey, D, and Preston. He seemed excited and was eager to show us what he had learned. The performance was a different story. Austin has never been one to show off, even since he was an infant. I would be like "Hey everyone look what Austin could do!" Whether it was sitting up, smiling, saying a word, no matter what it was he made a liar out of me. Why should tonight be any different? It took him a while to warm up, he was used to going to his class and just being with his teacher and the 4 other students, and tonight our family alone filled up the room, not to mention the other childrens families that came. At first he wouldn't participate and then we bribed him with a sucker and pool toy for our trip to St. George. He is so strong and does a great job!! At the end of the performance, they had a medal ceremony, where they received their gold medals, it was soooo cute!!! Thanks everyone who came and supported Austin and our family, I know he loved having all of you there!!


Viki said...

Way to go, Austin!! Did you know your great-Aunt Lori (Grandma Green's little sister) use to do gymnastics in high school? Yup, she sure did! I'd like to see some of your moves next time I am in Utah visiting. Love to you, another great aunt -- Viki (Grandma Green's big sister)