Friday, June 13, 2008


Tonight my nephews school had their end of the school year carnival. I decided I would give my brother in law a break and take the kids. My mom, brother and soon to be sister in law?!?! and Chad came, so it was a breeze keeping track of all the kids. They had so much fun! There was a ferris wheel, cotton candy, bounce houses, 3 mondo slides, games, a train, cotton candy, snow cones and did I mention cotton candy? They had soooo much fun!!! Alyssa was going to ride on the ferris wheel until the last second when it would take a strange not too friendly man to lift her into the bucket, and she instantly burst into tears and ran to me. But we enjoyed watching Austin and his cousins, I wish I could have gotten a better picture of their faces. They made, the whole carnival worth it!! Next it was on to the slides! It was so funny. Austin and his cousin Abby climbed up, and Abby came down. And Austin looked at it turned around, went back looked at it turned around and decided to climb back down the stairs.(which I think would have been more scary) right before we went home he said he was going to be brave and attempted it again, but no such luck! We went to another slide "The Castle Slide" which was a little smaller and that was a hit!
Alyssa had another little freak out moment. We went over to the bounce house which she loves!! Her little cousin Haylie went and climbed right in, Alyssa climbed in saw me threw the netting, again burst into tears saying she wanted out!
Everyone else was loving it...Then it was on to something everyone loved ..The Train! After all the rides, I got each of the kids some cotton candy for the stroller ride home. (and yes, I got one for me too! I haven't had any yet but it is calling to me from the pantry)

In Alyssa's words...."commyball fun!!" (translation: The Carnival is fun!!)