Monday, June 30, 2008

St. George Withdrawls

We just got back from our family vacation to St George. We had so much fun!! We really did. I already miss not being able to see everyone everyday! Chad's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Evan have a beautiful home in St George. They invited us all over for a barbecue and swimming (very brave, there were 18 of us) we all had so much fun!! Chad and I were so surprised to find that our little children are such natural swimmers. We thought we were going to be in the pool with Austin and Alyssa with their fingers dug into our shoulders refusing to enjoy the pool. But it was just the opposite. They were both kicking us away, saying they can do it by themselves. So we were very pleasantly surprised!! Well I could probably make this post a small novel but I will just sum it up. We had lots of fun time in the pool at our condo, Alyssa is quite the daredevil and loves to jump off the side of the pool to anyone or no one at all for that matter. She likes to try and swim across the pool and if you try to help her she says "don't! can do it mysef!" Austin didn't like jumping off the side of the pool but he loved swimming all over and looking under water with his goggles and jumping off the steps into the pool. They are complete naturals! We also did some shopping at the outlets...I got some fabulous deals at The Children's Place I just wish I had more money to spend....(isn't that always the problem) All the girls went to the Nail Salon and got either a manicure or pedicure or both... very relaxing! The boys did some golfing! We all had some really good food!! We took turns having each family make dinner for everyone, and luckily everyone in our family is a very good cook! Chad and I got Little Caesar's Pizza :) We went bowling and played volleyball a couple times I love doing both!! I want to set up a net in our backyard. I like to pretend I am really good. Chad and his brother Casey are amazing!! and I give them a run for their money ;) We would go get ice cream shakes, the kids thought that was great!! Chad and I had planned to go to a session at the St George Temple but instead we just visited the temple grounds as a family, which was really cool! At night Chad would watch the kids while I went on a walk....more like a hike at night up this really steep hill straight up to this mansion where the street and the sidewalk ends(I loved it when Asenath and Kim came with me) and I would watch the kids while he went up to the hot tub with his brothers. It worked out great!!! We had lots of cannon balls, whirl pools, sunblock, playground fun, bubbles and run-ins with reptiles. We saw lizards everywhere. Asenath and Tori caught the tiniest one I have ever seen and Austin and Alyssa got to hold it for a minute, then they let it go, just in time, Alyssa was about to squish it!! We also saw a lot of frogs. We had a small family reunion with our cousin Karli, who has been going through some rough times but she is doing awesome now and she showed us how she can make FIRE We love you Karli! The kids got to stay up way to late, eat way too much sugar, and play non-stop. We had so much fun!!!

Evan and Kathy's House

Pool Time

Nail Salon, more pool, bowling

Temple, and going home

believe it or not there are more photos that I didn't post!!!


Angie Maynes said...

I'm homesick just reading your blog! I love St.George. Glad you had such a great time.

Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

What a fun trip! you look so pretty in all your pics!

Chad and Kristen said...

your too nice!! Thanks!!

flygirl said... have such great photos! It was great to see all the fun you guys had while you were down here. Come visit again always have a place to stay if you want one.