Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

Austin has been absolutely fascinated with SHARKS and DINOSAURS lately. We have spent a lot of time on the internet looking at Shark pictures and videos and rented videos and books from the library. We finally compiled all of Austin's favorite pictures into a book, so he can look at them any time he wants, he loves to show everyone. We started trying to look up dinosaurs and they didn't have as great of pictures so we took him to the place that has amazing dinosaurs...Thanksgiving Points Dinosaur Museum!!! I took lots of pictures to make a dinosaur book for home. Austin was just in AWE the whole time we were there. And then we came to a point in the exhibit with the prehistoric shark and you would have thought we were in Disneyland. He was in heaven!!! There are so many hands on exhibits and great/fun things for kids to do...

The part that disturbed me a little was "THE SCALE" they have a scale where you can step on and see what dinosaur you weigh as much as...that was a little scary that I weighed as much as a dinosaur....yikes! The scale is big enough for several people to step on, and our whole group together would have had to been times by 50 (or maybe it was 100) to weight as much as the supersaurous. thank goodness we will never run into him in a dark alley.

Did I mention we got to dig for dinosaur bones!!!!

Check out my moms cute new haircut...(thanks Ashley)

Who says these exhibits are just for kids????

Austin building his own dinosaur with a museum buddy
Alyssa doesn't discriminate where she throws her fits...anytime and any place!

I honestly think Dinosaurs weren't just boring green and brown, I think they had polk a dots and were pink and purple and blue...I was glad the museum had a fun display so you could change the color of the dinosaurs skin...


Casey and Diana said...

oh how fun!! yeah I would imagine that would be Austin's favorite place. When I showed him the picture of that shark they have he couldn't stop staring at it!! It was so cute. I'm glad he got to go :)

Chad and Kristen said...

Thank you guys for being so sweet to my kids!!!! They love you!!!! We still have that picture, it is all crumpled up and the thought of it being thrown away brings tears to his eyes...It is currently hanging on our fridge :) who knew! We still need to get Shark Tales from the Library

Brooke said...

I need to take my boys there! They would love it! Looks like you had lots of fun.