Thursday, March 12, 2009

No worries!!!

I wish I could say we were moving to Europe, or we found a school that Chad can get into now, or that we found an awesome deal on a house that we can't pass up, BUT I CAN'T!!! Nothing exciting, we are just moving from South Jordan back to Sandy. Chad's job is really unstable right now. They laid off a 1/3 of his entire company the beginning of February and just let go 3 more people in his building last week. I am not making enough to support us (sniff, sniff) So off to Sandy we go. Chads sweet mama and step dad are crazy enough to let us come move in with them for a while. We are so thankful that, that is even an option for us!!! THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful summer is fast approaching so that we can be outside and stay out of their hair, we are going to try to be as "un-annoying" as possible, BUT since that is IMPOSSIBLE when you have 2 kids who are 4 and 2, we will stay busy outside!!! So all my friends that are out there answer your phone, because I'm coming over to play!! I am so thankful for Luan and Rich for their willingness to let us come move in, and I apologize for anything and everything that is about to happen to your quiet, clean house :)

I am so sad to leave our friends in our neighborhood and we're not. I am still going to be coming back to our old house M-F to watch my sisters kids...My mom and my sister and her 5 kids are going to move in together in our house, so we are still going to be able to see all of our friends, so still call for park play dates!!!!

So thats that, WOO HOO!!! Exciting stuff, huh??? Oh ya, all of this is happening THIS MONTH!


Sugar Mama said...

Heck girl, where in Sandy??? If you move close enough we can hit up Bear Park with the kids. It's just up the street from my place and we love to just hang there under the trees:).

Chad and Kristen said...

Nice...Just west of where you guys are!!!! I loved Bear Park, it has been FOREVER though!!!

Amanda X said...

I am very happy that it's not to a far off place!