Monday, March 16, 2009

Inquiring minds NEED to know...

I got my hair cut and colored again and have had so many compliments and questions as to where I get it done. My family has a hair problem we have a TON of hair, very, very thick. And in the past we have only been able to wear our hair one way...poofy!!! I don't know how she does it, she is a miracle worker. I have absolutely LOVED everything that she has ever done to my hair, every color, every cut, every style, she is the one that cut 15" off my hair and not a tear was shed, she is AMAZING!!!

So how do you schedule your appointment with this miracle worker? I'll tell you...

Her name is Ashley Williams,
she works at Taylor D'Shaw Salon

call her at 801-201-4922
Tell her that you were referred by me (blog stalkers welcome, she's not going to ask me if I know you just say "I got your info off Kristen's blog" and you'll get the discount) and she will give you a discount!!! She's AWESOME!!!

She does it all...Women/Men/ Children cuts, colors, styles, perms, deep conditioning treatments, waxing, special occasion style, etc...

I know that you will be THRILLED with your new look!!!!