Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hip Hop Princess

My cute little niece, Grace, had her practice recital tonight. She started taking hip hop dance last year (I think) she has gotten so strong...(how she is holding this pose with a smile ? ? ?)

Just for fun!

We were so nervous about making it on time. My sister asked if I would come take some pictures of her, after waiting through 3 turn lights and running through the parking lot while holding my camera and Alyssa (thank goodness Austin chose to stay home with dad) we didn't think we would make it, she was the first performance! Luckily, we made it as the lights dimmed, and the curtains rose, to see Grace and her wicked awesome (is that what the kids are saying these days) moves!!!!
Check out her hair, she must have an Amazing Aunt (ME!) to do her hair!


Casey and Diana said...

that's so cute!. That pose is way cool! you go girl. I tried to break dance whenI was younger and did not look even close that cool. She's so cute!

kelly family said...

thank you Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best. The pictures look great!!!!!!! We love you!!!!