Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Preston!!!!

Our cute little nephew turned one on 02/27. I can't believe it's been a year already!!! I got to see his picture (that I took, yay!) for the one year old birthdays on 'Good Things Utah' I just happened to look at the T.V. at just the right moment. We went to his birthday party today, he was so cute!!!! He ate his birthday cake so delicately, eating the frosting with just his index and thumb, with a little encouragement he got into the cake a little more. He is such an angel! We love you Preston, we hope you had a very Happy 1st Birthday!!!!


Casey and Diana said...

I'm so glad you guys could come! We missed Austin and Chad but I hope they had fun. Thank you for taking those beautiful pictures of my boy! and I'm still bumbed I missed him on good things utah!! I had been looking forward to it all year!...I know I'm lame.