Sunday, August 23, 2009

And their backpacks were hung by their new clothes with care...

in hopes that first school day soon would be there!!!

Austin starts kindergarten tomorrow!!! I am so happy that his cousin Abby gets to be in his same class with him!!! It is making all the difference!!! They are so excited!!!! I had Abby sleep over tonight, I bathed them, trimmed their hair, clipped their nails, painted Abby's nails, put curlers in her hair, ironed their clothes, and hung them up , and now they are currently snuggled up in bed anxiously waiting for their first day of kindergarten!!!
They met their teacher last Friday and on Saturday they had a get together with all the kids in their class at a park to meet each other before their first day of school to make it a little easier for everyone! Austin's teacher is named Mr. Matt and he has a room-mother named Miss Amy , they both seem like the ideal kindergarten teachers, so I am thrilled for all of us!!! Well, for me who normally goes to bed just before the sun rises, 7am is going to come way to early :) They have to be at school at 8:15 and we have about a 20 min. drive, so wish us luck, and good traffic to arrive on time!!!