Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not a tear was shed!!!!

THIS IS HUGE!!!! Pre school was not a fun time for either of us in the beginning, to see what I mean you can see this post and this post.

Austin started kindergarten!!! My baby, my tiny baby is now grown up enough to go away to school everyday without me? When did this happen? Seriously!!! When???
I have a feeling this year is going to be different. Austin and his cousin and best friend Abby were both lucky enough to be accepted to the same charter school which meant that get to be in the same class!!! They were going to go to American Preparatory academy down in Draper by IKEA well, they just built a new campus and it was going to be done just in time for this school year to start so we were "lucky" enough to be the family that got to start out in the new school. Well this new school is in West Valley, and quite the drive!! I didn't care though, I want to do anything to give my children a leg up in education, since we have no where close to the money that it takes for private school.
Well a week ago today, I got a call that got accepted to another charter school and this one would start on Monday, and rather than being in the afternoon kindergarten it would be morning kindergarten, best of all this one would be so much closer (if you want the name and location, just e-mail me but leaving it out for the sake of privacy from freaky weirdos)!!! I said yes, then immediately jumped online(I didn't actually jump, I was very sick in bed, so I slowly reached across the bed to my husbands nightstand and grabbed the laptop :)) to check out. This school was going to be a lot better for us for a few reasons and best of all the uniforms were pretty similar, we just had to exchange a few shirts for a different color. WHEW!!! Okay now that the back story is out of the way....
Austin and Abby started kindergarten!!! They were so excited, like Christmas eve I can't wait until Santa comes excited. We had Abby sleep over, since I will be the one taking them both to school. They woke right up, well actually they probably woke up half way through their bowl of cereal. Austin is so excited that he gets to watch Phineas and Ferb before school each morning (yes, I am a "bad mom" I let my kids watch TV first thing in the morning) it distracts them so I can do their hair and get them dressed with them not even realizing what just happened. :)
They were so excited, that they were both more than willing to have me take their pictures (so not like both of them, these two hide the second they hear the zipper on my camera bag!!!)
So in the car we went!!! Me, Chad, and Abby's big sister Ashley all climbed in the car to drop them off. We walked them to their class the first day so they knew where to go.
The kindergartners are so lucky, they get their own playground that they get to play at before school starts, it is all gated in and then the teacher comes out and gets them when it's time to come in!! Austin didn't hesitate or linger around me or Chad, he and Abby walked ahead eager to get to school and play and learn!!! I will admit I did get a little teary eyed when we were walking away. I was just thinking about how this is the beginning of him turning into a...BOY! The boy that wont kiss you in public, the boy that secretly waves goodbye as I am yelling his name waving franticly, the boy that has me park around the corner to drop him off at school, the boy that doesn't tell me about his day, the boy that would rather have a kiss on his cheek from Sally Sou Sampson than his dumb old mom, the boy that no longer wants to be tucked in at night, the boy that doesn't want to sit on my lap for story time, the boy that....WAIT!!!! He is not that boy yet, so I am going to enjoy my sweet affectionate little guy for as long as possible, and eat up every 'I love you' and hug and kiss, and that look in that eye when he sees me, that is the boy that I will always remember!!!
(Austin and his class waiting to picked up after their first day-parents couldn't get out of their cars, best pic I could get )

I love you Austin and Abby I am so proud of the both of you, you are going to learn so much this year, I am glad you have each other!!!


rubberbandgirl said...

How fun!
He and Abby look so cute and preppy.
Poignant final shot.

Carlye Momma said...

BAWLING HERE!!! I SOOO know what you mean about that BOY thing! UGGGHHH! Brackon's pretty much there...and Jaxon's headed there! SUCH sweet pix...I agree with rubberbandgirl about the final shot! K gonna go wipe my tears and go to bed! GOOD LUCK on your year!

Melissa said...

So Fun!! I"m so excited for them!! And I totally loved having uniforms when Jesse went to his school last year! It takes the stress out of dressing every morning!! Now watch out....Kindergarten just flies by!! He'll be in 1st grade before you know it!! :)

Lynch said...

So cute!!!! I miss you!

Shanon Ridenour said...

I'm so proud of you for keeping strong Kristen! I was thinking about you yesterday morning - wondering how the new adventure was going for you and Austin. Glad to hear it went well.