Saturday, August 15, 2009

taking the summer off...

So, you all know at the end of June Chad was laid off work. Although this was very hard, let me tell you the positives.

~hubby to snuggle with in the morning.
~hubby to get up with kids while I sleep in.
~hubby takes kids to the park so I can get my work done in peace :)
~I have been able to double my work load because I can take jobs in the morning and evening.
~We have been able to spend a lot of time as a family.
~ We've been on lots of hikes, and family outings.
~I can run to the store by myself to buy a gallon of milk that I forgot to get the night before, without taking the whole gang with me!
~I have been woken up with hot breakfast made for me and brought to my bedside after sleeping in!
~ I have a late night workout buddy
~Projects around the house are getting done!
~kids get more daddy playtime
the list really goes on and on... However, I love my Chaddy dearly, BUT he has had a job since he was 14 years old when he worked at Bellvue Elementary cleaning the building after school. He saved up all summer to buy a stereo system. And now with all this spare time he doesn't know quite what to do with himself. He had to drop his summer school class because of a computer glitch that wasn't allowing him to receive assignments. So he really had nothing to do. So although, I love having him gaze upon me, admiring my EVERY move, at about week 4, I started getting a little irritated. So here are some cons...
~hubby asking plans for the day, on the hour, I love you Chad!
~hubby asking what the menu is for the day, on the hour, I love you Chad!
~hubby looking bored and me feeling bad that he is bored and feeling like I need to entertain him, I love you Chad!
~ hubby wanting me to be able to be as free as bird as he is and go camping and hiking and on outings whenever the idea strikes him, I love you Chad!
~ me feeling guilty because I can't do all the things he wants to do because I now am the only one with a job, that requires a lot of time on the computer and can't be in the wilderness, I love you Chad!
Definitely more pros than cons!!! I love you Chad!!!
However he did have two interviews last week. One at EBAY, he left having already gone on a second interview, they were talking to him like he had already gotten the job then a few days later a thanks but no thanks letter...seriously???
Second interview is for a phlebotomy training program through IHC. It would be a huge, huge, HUGE pay cut, BUT it would get Chad in the doors at IHC and in December they are having a Nursing program training class that would start May 2010, but you have to be a current IHC employee. If he could get in to that, it would cut his waiting time down by 3 years. There are only 12 positions for the phlebotomy thing, and 534 people applied, well guess who got an interview??? CHAD!!! Guess who got called back for a SECOND interview???? CHAD!!!! That is next week, so say your prayers!!!!
Chad we love you so much and so glad we have been able to spend the summer together as a family. love you, love you, LOVE YOU!!!