Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doughnut Falls...mmm DO-NUT (said in homer's voice)

No sadly to all of our surprise their weren't doughnuts flowing from the mountain. In fact no sign of frosting or sprinkles either!!! That's okay though, because it made the hiking we did, actually burn something :)

I have heard of the doughnut falls hike here and there throughout the years, then I finally decided to look it up on the net, and was so happy to find that it is an easy hike that even children can do!!! So we packed up the kids (our 2 and 4 of my sisters) and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Chad and I were a little worried and weren't quite sure how this was going to go with 6 kids ranging from 2-10 years old, luckily they shocked and amazed us!!! No whining, crying, complaining, NOTHING!!!! Hallelujah!!!

We actually got to the falls quickly and thought there was more to the hike, so there appeared to be a man made bridge going across the river/stream thingy, so yes, yes we did. Chad and I got all of the kids across this river, without any of us getting wet!!! Only to find that, the whole thing was completely unnecessary because the only hiking that could be done beyond that would be rock climbing. So there we went rock climbing with the kids, JUST KIDDING!!! YA RIGHT!!! No we did get some cool pics, and Chad waited down with the kids while I climbed up to the doughnut rock, and then I did the same so he could. And then back across the stream/river thing we went, and still no one got wet!!! Amazingly so, because I am the clumsiest person I know, when I am trying NOT to be clumsy. If I am not trying I am just fine, but when I TRY I end up falling and tripping and dropping things all over the place. Well, if you haven't tried the hike, definitely go, and take your kids!!!

The boys doing what boys doing best, throwing rocks into water :)

Our Hike Leader

Our "bridge" we made across

Our family

The Diva....AKA Alyssa
The Scientist....AKA Austin
The trouble makers, AKA, Ryan, Tyler, Abby, Haylie, Austin and Alyssa


rubberbandgirl said...

You guys are amazingly generous with your time for your extended family.
It makes me feel ridiculously selfish.

Loftus' said...

Fun times!! We have never been there before - we'll have to try that sometime. Chad - good luck with getting into IHC! ~fingers crossed~