Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secret Lake Hike

Finally got up and out of bed, I made a promise and my promise I will keep....

So after the doughnut falls hike went so well with the kids we figured we would try another easy hike with them! So we chose to do secret lake (also called cecret lake) it was harder than they said it would be, they described it as a stroll, and there were a few people that were on their way back down because they couldn't hack the steep rock hiking part, but not our kids...they did it!!! And I think I only heard them ask a few times if we were almost there. On our way up one of the families said they had just seen a bull moose up ahead so to be careful. I have a fear of wilderness ( I am definitely an indoor girl) so I made sure to talk loud and would clap my hands so I would scare it off before we got to it. Chad laughs at me, but I think it works :)

our little friend "squirrely"

me and the kids at the top of the "mountain" they climbed
Chad and the kids
Fearless Alyssa and her partner in crime-Haylie

When we got to the top, the lake was so pretty!!! There was this little squirrel who liked the sunflower seeds we were hiking with so it followed us around, especially the little girls who would tend to drop a lot of them. And then we think we also discovered a new species of fish! I know thats not the case but I have never seen one that looked like that. Half frog, half snake, half fish, it was weird!! My nephew Tyler was teasing that it was nessie the loch ness monster :)

We saw a big mound of snow that hadn't melted yet, so the kids played around and we had a little snowball fight. A snowball fight in July! Can you believe it??? The wildflowers were so beautiful I couldn't help but stop and take pics. even though the kids were annoyed with me :)

Austin our little explorer he loves hiking!!!
Alyssa helping her daddy :)

Ryan loves to climb to see how high he can get

Tyler liked climbing around too

Abby loving the great outdoors

Tyler and Haylie
Alyssa in the wildflowers
yes I told them to do this, thought it was cute, and it will be the last year they listen to me :)
the kids loved walking out on the rock into the lake
me and my girls
Austin looking for the new species of fish
the kiddos
gorgeous isn't it
me and my boys
me and my very patient man :)

Austin not quite mad yet at all the pics
Now he has had it
Ryan jumping on the snow mound
Alyssa with her snowball, I think she took a bite of this, oh so clean snow--YUCK!!!

I was hoping for a better pose from them :) still gorgeous though!!

Alyssa being sneaky
The kids loved playing on the way down, it took forever to come down after the hike
I thought this would make a cool pic
We made the kids carry their own camelbacks (its a waterbottle backpack thing) and boy did they drink them, GONE!!!! We had to stop at a gas station on the way home otherwise we would had some pee pee accidents :) I sure can choose them to, the gas station was the stinkiest gas station I have ever been in....woo-wee :(


Loftus' said...

WOW!! That place looks awesome - I've never heard of that lake - you will have to email me and let me know where that is. Cute pics!!

Viki said...

Sounds like your fish could have been a salamander.

Antique Slot Machines said...

The matchless message, is pleasant to me :)