Thursday, August 20, 2009

As if there weren't enough people living in this house already, we go and add 240,000 more guests...

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am terrified of bees!!! Even just thinking about them gives me the chills. Maybe it's because I have been stung 15 times...not exaggerating 15 freakin' times!!!! My first time I stepped on one, my last time it flew up my sleeve and stung my arm pit!!! WHY, do they love me so???? I think it is my scent! I am so sweet inside because of my sweet tooth and all my sugar cravings that I succumb to, so they follow me around. I now know this to be true because guess who is living on the other side of my wall, right at the head of my bed???? about 240,000 (probably less but I want to be dramatic here) of these hairy little creepy guys....woooooo, just got the is the e-mail I sent to the bee keeper of Utah guy:

Hi, My name is Kristen Spencer. And we finally figured out the noise we have been hearing in our wall are coming from bees!!! I know after reading your site, you love them BUT I am deathly afraid of them having been stung 15 times! I also have young children who play outside around the area where they appear to be entering. So I am just wondering what our next step would be? How do we get these bees out of here ASAP? This will be tricky! They are crawling in where the brick meets the soffit in a little openings where the mortar didn't get placed. On the other side of the wall is my bedroom...EEK! I am hoping it can be done, without tearing down the wall on the inside of the house, but I have no clue how this all works! If you would please give me a call or shoot me an e-mail ASAP, I would truly appreciate it!!! I can hear them now as I type, busily working in there, I am scared they are going to make their way through the sheetrock!!
and here is his response:

Thanks for the email. For starters, they won't come through the sheetrock unless you bang a hole the size of a pencil! (uh, OKAY, those nails in the wall that are currently holding picture frames better not even think about coming out)
I have a few questions. How long have they been in the house? Is it an old house or newer? It sounds like you would have to remove the drywall to fully remove them. For example, yesterday I removed one that had been there a year. The comb (this is wax with bee larvae, honey and pollen on it) extended over eight feet. I can put a one way trap on them but it will not kill the queen. The queen lays 240,000 bees a year. No matter what an exterminator says, he can't kill her. She is too protected in that fortress of theirs. The only way to get her out is physically remove her. A one way trap takes most of the bees away so that there is relatively little activity after. Just because you don't see them though, doesn't mean they are not rebuilding. The usually rebuild better time after time. I charge $50 to set a trap and it takes about a week, longer the better on them.

Let me know. I forgot my phone at that job last night so I won't have it til later.


WHAT?!?!!? I was hoping they could gas the flying evil creatures!!! I know, I know SAVE THE BEES! OUR PLANET NEEDS THE BEES!!! Yes, but they don't need to be living in my wall!!! (chills again)
all I know is, every last crevice of my room, is being blocked off, and every item of mine is coming out before they tear down that wall!!! One plus is that I have a sliding glass door off the back of my room, so it should be a straight shot, but they want ME!!! So I will be sure to go out of town that day! (Chills again)


Loftus' said...

uh FrEaKy!! Good luck with all of that - doesn't sound fun! :(

Carlye Momma said...

seriously...EWWWW! I would FREAK! Keep us posted...