Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to Reality

Now that we are back from our best vacation ever, we have to get back to reality. I started watching my sisters kids again. Chad went back to work and school and even took his first test of the semester on which he got 91% (good job, Chad) Chad also started Hockey. He had his first game last Saturday...they lost, but the fun is watching the game and watching Austin watch his daddy. Austin is already talking about learning how to ice skate. He kept asking me when I was going to take him down to skate with daddy, I told he has to learn how to skate first and he wanted the lessons right then and there. I think they have to be 4/5 to play hockey so, you will probably see pictures of Austin in his full hockey gear next year, which will make for a very proud daddy. Alyssa loved the game too. She was yelling gibberish and clapping her hands. It was very cute!! Chads game tomorrow is at 10:30pm so I don't think we will be making it to that one.
I took the kids down to Gardener Village to the "Barnyard Buddies" petting zoo. There was this goat named Giggles that really like us and he kept following us around, the kids LOVED it!! They got to see bunnies, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens,cows,emus,pigs and a donkey. Afterward I let the kids go on a pony ride, their ponies names were: Sparkle, George and Lenny:) They had a blast!
A lady I visit teach gave us this little tikes car, that her kids had out grown and boy oh boy to our kids LOVE it. They take turns driving it. And will even push each other around the yard in thank you very much Kim!! We are definitely getting all the use possible out of this car!
My sister Jeana is celebrating her birthday this Sunday so I decided to take some pictures of her kids to update her frames, I took her boys to get haircuts, and surprisingly no complaints, they did pretty good. Haylie had, had it as I was taking the last picture- perfect timing!I really LOVE taking pictures and would love to make money at it, so I think I am going to take some classes, and give it a try!
Well, we have a busy weekend, I will let you know all about it on Sunday so I don't spoil any surprises....