Friday, August 8, 2008

Ten Year Reunion

It has been 10 years since Chad graduated high school. And last weekend was his reunion. He decided not to go. We'll go to the next one for sure. But I was looking for a mouse pad in my craft drawers and came across this old scrapbook page, that I made when I was still in high school. I still think of us at this age, but when I saw this picture I sadly realized we are soooo not. We look like babies. And so much has changed (expanded) since this picture.

Chad has had 4 jobs:
-Fred Meyer
-Mountain States Mortgage
-United Health Care
-Now at Advanta Bank Corp

Chad has had 4 cars (all Honda's of course)
-Civic SI
-Civic EX

Chad has had 2 kids

Chad has had 1 pet
-Wylie (siberian husky dog)
oh wait, and several fish that we never named

Chad has had 2 houses both in South Jordan

The only constant: Chad is still attending school and I am still by his side :)

Happy 10 years old man!!


Melissa said...

Oh my heck you guys are little things!! I had no idea you have been together so long!! Way to go!!.......are those earrings on Chads ear!! :p

Angie Maynes said...

I didn't know you graduated in 98! Me too! Where did you guys go to school?

Chad and Kristen said...

Melissa...yes, those are earrings and had he had his cap off you would see his bleached blonde hair too!

Angie...We both went to Jordan High School in Sandy Chad graduated in '98 and I in '00

Angie Maynes said...

I thought you were younger than me. :) Did you guys know Marlene, Paul, or Mike Teran?

Chad and Kristen said...

Chad says Paul Teran , sounds familiar but he would have to see a picture. Crazy!!!

Casey and Diana said...

oh my Chad looks so offense meant of course. You guys should have gone to the reunion!! He has so much to show now. 5 year reunions are lame but 10...come on Chad! That kind of makes me think of what my graduation pictures will look like 10 years from now. I'll probably think "what a freak I look like a retard" and then my kids will proceed to make fun of me. hahaha

Kitty said...

Rock a bye baby... :) You two have always been so cute together. And oh, I am so glad you got rid of that bleached hair & earring look Chad. But I bet you still have sunglasses that match your car. :)